Monday, December 3, 2012

Post NaNo Post

So we already know I didn't win and why, but I was thinking about what I could do better next time. What was my final word count, you ask. Do I still get a drum roll if I didn't win? A whopping 30,070. This is the second time I have made it just over the 30k mark.

My NaNo experience has been rough, stressful and enriching. I have learned many things. Though I would say that my favorite part of NaNo is the awesome bunch of people in The Lake Writers group. I have made some life long friendships. Also, our local Municipal Liaison is particularly amazing. She seems to never get tired of our asking rudimentary questions and by us I mean mostly me.

I think on of my biggest problems was getting behind and getting discouraged. I was able to use Write or Die successfully. Many 20 min sprints took me from 23k to 30k in 2 days, but they were the last 2 and I was out of time. So what tips do you have for getting back on track if you fall behind?

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  1. Don't stress! Remember: the ultimate goal of NaNo is to write 50,000 words. That's it. When I did it (2003 and 2005; won the first, quit the second; both manuscripts forgotten since), they openly encouraged you to write crap. It was all about the word count and not about the quality.

    But if you're a REAL writer, the goal shouldn't be 50k of crap. It should be a book you'll be able to publish once it's been revised.

    So... it's better to take the time from the get-go and write something that you love, that will help you achieve your goals of publication. Writing is a craft. It takes time and blood and sweat and tears. It takes careful writing and long hours of revision.

    Hang in there! And see you around if I can make the time again for #FridayFlash. I miss it!