Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Illness strikes

This blog will be down for a while. Thanks for following and hope to see you back soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flash Me a Gnome

I dismounted into the squishy mud and felt it creep around my foot. Each squelch was like pulling against a dog that had a hold of my boot. As I approached I marveled at how the decrepit structure was still standing. I knocked on the weathered wooden door and waited. 

"Like I said the partnership will no doubt be a profitable one." Someone said on the other side of the door. It was wrenched open and I was almost bowled over by a red haired dwarf heading out of the door. I stepped aside just in time to avoid the collision landing me back in the mud, but at least I was still on my feet. "Good day," said the dwarf who had been talking when the door was closed. He walked by me and down the lane. 

"And what can I do for you?" said a gnome who held himself like he owned a castle instead of a shack. 

"I have been sent by King Ambron to secure your services. The princess-"

"No thank you, I am entirely too busy to fool with the whims of silly girls," he said as he began to close the door.

"The king said to name your price and-"

"Yes, yes, I am sure he will make it worth my wile. Gladly paying any price I set and all that nonsense," he said like he gets these offers every day. "I am just too busy. I have real work to tend to."

I was obviously loosing him so I had to try another tactic. "What are you working on that is keeping you too busy to serve your king?" His eyes narrowed and I immediately realized that I had said the wrong thing.

"I am under no obligation to serve your king," he put a great emphasis on the word your. "I am my master and will do as I wish. There are things you don't understand that have already been set in motion. Like the gears of my dolls your cog will soon be moving and you will be squished in them if I am not left to my work. Now be gone with you," he all but yelled.

"I understand that you are a very busy man," his eyes narrowed again, "I am sure there must be someone else around that you can refer me to. Someone who's work you strive to achieve. We are looking for the best and if you are not available we would be willing to look else ware." This was my last hope playing on his pride, but it could go a lot of different ways and most of them are bad.

"There is no one who's work I admire. I am the top of the line and you will not ever find someone better than me. I will take your commission, but it will cost your king dearly." he said and a mischievous smile crept across his face.

"As you have already said, he will pay any price you set," I said relieved that I had convinced him, though I am a little worried about the way he is looking at me.

Running late today, but getting my post in for Friday Flash
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ROW80 and a Bonus

If you have been reading you know I am participating in A Round of Words in 80 Days. My goals were to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other goal was to write 1000 words per day. I have been doing well on posting, but I have only written 1000 words on one day this past week. I have also found it hard to post the updates on Sunday. So in the spirit of making my goals fit around my life I will not be posting on updates on Sunday or at least not long ones.

So as far as my novel is going I printed out what I had so far and reread what I wrote so that I can get back in the story. I realized that I need I lot of editing, but I am trying not to deal with it now. My goal it just to get the first draft done. Do you have any ideas that can help me get back into the story that I put on hold for a month while we celebrated?

Today is a light update day so I need to give you a reason to leave happy. Bonus pictures of cute kids.

My kids at their birthday party.

My nephew dressed up for a dino parade.

My "Niece" riding the horses at Disney.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Winner and One Word

The blog hop was a lot of fun. I loved reading all the excerpts. I think I might have misunderstood what they were doing because all I had to offer was a flash fiction. Now on to more exciting news, the winners.

The winner of my drawing for a $20 gift cert to Amazon or B&B is: Mary Frances Roya

Thanks you so much for all your comments and I truly hope you enjoyed my story.

The grand prize winners can be found here.

In addition to the awesome news about the lucky winners. I also wanted to leave you with a One Word. The word was cry.

I wish I didn't have to cry, but the best way to get him out of my system is to cry it out. He abused my heart by leaving with a piece he didn't even want. Now I just need to move on, but there is something that keeps bringing me back to him. His eyes, his smile or maybe being forced into situations where I have to deal with him on a regular basis.

Not sure where that was going, but it just popped out.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year's Resolution For The Something New Something Naughty Blog Hop (Mature)

I have joined another awesome blog hop! This time it is the Something New Something Naughty Blog Hop. It is running from the 10th through the 13th and being hosted by Jennifer Wright and Lisabet Sarai. They're giving away great 3 great prizes! One lucky winner will receive the grand prize of a $60 gift certificate to EdenFantasys, and 2 $25 gift certificates for the book site of the readers choice. (Amazon, B&B, All Romance E-book or Total-E-Bound)

As part of the blog hop I am also holding a give away. One lucky commenter will win a $20 gift certificate to Amazon or B&B.

A New Year's Resolution
By: Michelle Moon

Five, four, three, two, one! She turned to find Sam who had just been at her side for her kiss, but he had disappeared. When she found him he was sitting in a booth holding his beautiful face in his strong hands. She took the seat across from him.

"Where did you go? I was looking for my midnight kiss," she said with a slight pout on her red lips.

"Emily we have to talk," he said looking up at her with all seriousness in his eyes.

"All right," she said taken aback.

"It has been a great couple of months, but I don't think we are working out." 

She gasped, "Not tonight, I don't believe you are going to do this now. I thought we were doing good."

"It's not you, it's me. We were having a fun time, but I am looking for something more permanent."

"I can be as permanent as you let me be." 

"That's just it, I have to let you. We aren't easily fitting together." With that he stood and put his hand on her shoulder. "Some part of me wishes it was different, but I can't do this anymore. Come on I'll take you home."

She stood harshly brushing off his touch. "No thank you. I will find my own way home." Then she stormed out of the ballroom where she had been enjoying the most magical New Years Eve party she could remember. She wiped the tears from her eyes smudging her eyeliner. Asking the lady at the desk to call her a cab she sat down to wait.

She had expected him to come after her, but he didn't and she knew it was truly over. When the cab arrived she hopped in thankful she always carried cash in case of an emergency. She gave the driver her address and sat back. She went over in her mind the wonderful and the trying things in the relationship that had so abruptly ended. Right then and there she made the new year's resolution not to have a relationship with another man for the year. She was going to focus solely on herself and find what she wanted. The driver seemed to try his best to ignore the muttering that was coming from the back seat and she was happy he didn't try to make conversation.

Once home she hastily let her self into her apartment as hot angry tears still splashed down her face. After a relaxing shower she dressed in her most comfy satin PJ’s and poured herself a glass of wine. She then joined her cat on the sofa with the book she was reading. After a few good chapters she heard someone rattling her door handle.

She went to the door and peeked out the peep hole to find her neighbor from across the hall. He was putting a key in her lock then pulling it out and cursing. He looked very drunk. She opened the door, his eyes flew open as wide as saucers. “When I told you that you were welcome any time I didn't mean you would have to break and enter,” she said with a smile.

“Well crap got the wrong door can you believe that?”

“Not really because the gold numbers are pretty big,” She replied thinking of the first time they met and how hot she found him.

“It seems that Tequila not only makes your cloths fall off it makes you forget where you live. Or maybe it just gives you the courage to talk to the beautiful woman across the hall.”

“Oh I see,” she said. She realized she was hoping he was coming on to her and it was not just the tequila talking.

“We shouldn't stay here in the hall way to talk. Why don't you invite me in?”

She thought about the resolution she had made just a few hours ago and wondered if she should already break it with Dave. His hair was long, blond and worn loose. His eyes were blue, his build was long and lean. He seemed the perfect rebound and who keeps their resolutions anyway. She invited him in with one intention and he had no trouble reading her mind. They were barely in the door when he leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were a tingly fire. Staying intertwined they moved toward the couch as she unbuttoned his shirt. He returned the favor and she worked her way to his belt.

Her PJ bottoms fell off so easily it was like they had a mind of their own. Yes, this was moving so fast, but she needed to be in his arms. She stood unabashedly naked in front of him. He gently guided her on to the couch and his tongue explored every inch of her body. Lightly he sucked her neck and she felt tingles running through her body. As he moved agonizingly slow down her body every inch seemed to come alive. Her nipples were at attention by the time he brushed them with his skilled tongue. Causing her whole body to shudder as he sucked gently.

He kissed and licked down her stomach and as he moved lower she began to sigh slightly in anticipation. He moved down her thighs letting his hair brush her pussy. He worked his way back up her other thigh and this time her anticipation was relieved. His tongue circled around and around her clit until with each revolution she moaned and gyrated in time. Faster and faster until her body shuddered again and this time the release she had been looking for came. Kicking off his shoes and jeans he made it clear he intended to bring her to climax again and again.

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I am also using this as my #fridayflash entry because it is my lucky day and it landed on Friday. :-) 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Book Review: Tormented

This is my first book review for the Paranormal Book Challenge. It is also my first book review, EVER. I decided to take the advice of May P and read Tormented.

It's been over 200 years since Humans drove the affected into hiding. Now out of nowhere, people are dying on both sides. When one of the few female specially trained fighters; also known as an Ultorum, is added to the body count, Angelina is forced to make a decision. Now she must betray everything she knows, including her best friend Michael, and follow the one creature she doesn't trust.

Ethan watches this young Ultorum with leery eyes. He is deeply impressed with her abilities, and even more so with her determination. It's just to bad she smells so good.

Together they set out to find the one responsible for all the killings, but what they find, they are not going to like.

What I liked: I have loved vampires since I read Dracula and Interview With A Vampire in high school. Jessica took an interesting twist on our blood sucking friends and added in some new mythology. She was able to weave the romantic tention through out the plot. Though it was not the main story line, she created an interesting love triangle. The action was great and kept me turning the pages and burning the midnight oil.

What I didn't like: I noticed some grammatical errors that pulled me out of the story, there were a few times I had to go back and reread a passage. I also thought that I would have liked the main female character, Angelina, to be a little less dependent on the guys though did like her strength in the end. There were some lines and situations that were reminiscent of Twilight. The thing I liked least about the book is that there isn't another one to read. The ending was satisfying, but left me wanting more and a large threat looming.

I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars on Good Reads.

To join the fun you can sign up here and enter your January reviews here.

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Monday, January 7, 2013


I have discovered that I like joining blog hops. So I signed up for another one. Most of the time I find myself slammed up against the deadline trying to make my brain work hard enough to get it done. In the beginning they sound like a good idea, but it seems that life always gets in the way. This time I joined a blog hop that understand that everyone is different and has different goals. I  have joined A Round of Words in 80 Days, known as ROW80. 

From the site:

What Is ROW80?

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

We are all different and we all have different demands on our time.  Why should we all have the same goal?  The simple answer is that we shouldn’t.  If you want to be a writer, then you have to be able to roll with the punches and adapt to your changing circumstances.  If that means changing your goals when your life blows up, so be it.  ROW80 is the challenge that champions the marriage of writing and real life. For more on why I started it, see this post.

So here’s the skinny:

  • We have 4 rounds a year, each running 80 days.  
  • Your goal can be anything you like as long as it is measurable (e.g. number of words/pages, specified amount of time to spend on writing per day/week, number of pages edited, etc.–for more on what makes a measurable goal, see this post).
  • Once you have settled on a goal, you write it up on your blog (yes, you must have one) and link to it on the Goals Linky for the Round, which will be posted on the ROW80 Blog.
  • If your goal changes before the end of the 80 days, simply write up a new goals post and link to it on the latest check-in day.
  • We have check-ins twice a week on Wednesday and Sundays where you will update us the same way (e.g. write up a blog post of your progress and link to it on that day’s linky).
  • On Twitter we use a hashtag of #ROW80 if you wanna come hang out.  Or if you’re more into Facebook, you can find that here.
  • And if you happen to find us after a round has begun, just write up your goals post and hop on in whenever.  We’re a friendly bunch.
  • Be sure to grab the ROW80 badge from the sidebar on the ROW80 Blog(right click, save image location, then chuck it in your blog’s image widget or grab some basic image html and use a text widget).
Now back to me:

 So my goals are to write 1 hour every day with a goal of 1,000 words in that time. I will also post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think I will be able to accomplish this hop and hope to meet lots of new people who are also walking towards measurable goals.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Insecure Writer's Support Group

Last year I read a lot of posts about the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. It is held on the first Wednesday of each month. I found the idea very interesting so I joined. If there is something I am really good at it's complaining, but I don't think that is exactly what this is for. The home page also says something about neurotic writers uniting so I figured this is just the place for me.

I reread some of my manuscript and man am I going to have my work cut out for me when I go back to edit. NaNo is about pounding out the words with no editor, but I am not sure if that is the best way to work. I realized while I was so busy getting down what they did, saw, heard and smelled that I forgot to write what they looked like. So I know that I have to go back and add the physical descriptions of the characters. It is not like I didn't know what they looked like yet it is just that I forgot or didn't do it. My question for anyone out there reading is do you gently work in what they look like in little bits or should I just dump it on the reader when they are first introduced?

Another thing I am having trouble with is naming cities and towns. This is a fantasy so I have to make up the map and I have a rough sketch and idea where things are, but not names. I keep writing things like ***NAME THE DAMN CITY ALREADY*** and ***THE LITTLE TOWN TO THE NORTH THAT WILL NEVER HAVE A FREAKING NAME***. I am not sure if it is helpful, but it makes me feel better. Especially when I am writing and feel like I am screwing up because I haven't named some of the vital elements and people. If there are any fantasy writers out there how do you name your characters and towns?

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