Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Midweek Check-in The Only Thing I Can Get Done

Mostly I am checking in to say that I have done nothing. We had a personal tragedy in our family and I was not able to do anything.

Today, I am planning to take some time to write, but it hasn't happened so far.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Midweek Check-in And A Bad Poem

This week is going better than last. I am starting to feel better after my surgery and am getting back into the swing of things.

LakeWritersPosting Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Ok, so it is time for me to admit it. I have a blog hop obsession. I just joined a new blog hop called Monday Musings that should help inspire me to post every Monday. At least that is what I am hoping. This week I was inspired to write a bad poem.

Posting flash fiction for Friday Flash: As far as Friday goes I have not posted in a while. I have two stories that are in the middle of being created, but both are on hold for now. Luckily I have some time tomorrow so should be able to get that done for this Friday.

Writing 500 words every day:  I have not written every day. No one was in my way this week. I am the only reason I did not reach this goal. **Hangs head in shame** This goal seems to be so elusive, but I don't want to drop it I want to keep trying at it. Can you turn your "Don't mess with me" stare inward?

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Food For Thought

LakeWritersI joined a new blog hop because I love them. You get to meet new bloggers and sometimes you find someone that you really love that you would have otherwise missed. The new blog hop is called Monday Musings. A new prompt is put up every week and on Monday we all hop around to see what the topic inspired in the other participants. This week the topic was “Food for thought”. It inspired in me a really bad poem, but I put it out there in hopes that you will at least get a giggle.

There are many things
I want to write
Some about shining day
Some in blackest night

So many stories
Swimming in my head
Interesting and new
Like none I've ever read

Sometimes they won't come out
Neither here nor there
They need a gentle push
And I know just where

The best place to write
Is where they serve food
It makes the story talk
And puts me in the mood

If you are reading this you made it through and I am so grateful. Where do you find that you do your best writing?

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Midweek Check-in And All Doped Up

I haven't posed since last week because I had surgery. I was doped up for a few days then in pain for a few more, but now I think I am up to resuming my goals.

Posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Nada, nothing. I haven't been able to sit up much less post.

Posting a flash fiction for Friday Flash: We already covered that I wasn't able to post, but I was able to write a little on a new story.

Writing 500 words every day: This is the goal I made the most progress on. I was able to write on my main work in progress two days and like I said I was able to write on the flash fiction.

And how is my “Don't Mess With Me” Stare. Well, I haven't had a chance to use it much. Everyone has been trying to please me. This has been nice.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Good Chase

I have been working on my main work in progress and have come to a dilemma. I need to write a chase scene. I want it to be exciting and meaningful all at the same time. I have been doing some research and looking around the interwebs information and advice on writing a good chase scene.

Some of the tips that I ran into several times said in many different ways are:

Make each sentence simple and precise – Short sentences make the reading flow much faster keeping the action flowing. It would be hard to keep up the pulse pounding action while your character takes time to jimmy open a window. Just smash it instead.

Use active verbs – [thing doing action] + [verb] + [thing receiving action] Yeah I know it's not quite that simple, but what I am trying to say is don't find an amazing euphemism for an explosion. Just have the car explode.

Avoid all qualifiers – Nearly and almost only count in horseshoes and grenades. Something should either happen or not.

Stay on your character – Action scenes are sometimes so complex we are tempted to describe the whole setting. What people really care about most are your characters and what is happening to them.

I think these suggestions will help me write a pulse pounding chase scene. Do you have any tips I didn't cover? Do you use a completely different method? Please share, I would love to get all the help I can before I dive into my first chase scene.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Flash Me A Field Trip Part 2

Friday Flash is finally here! Well I thought if I got myself geared up and excited I would write more, but I don't know if that will happen. If you would like to join us in flashing on Fridays just follow this link. Here is the continuation of Flash Me A Field Trip.

That afternoon I flung myself off the bus and ran toward home. My walking buddy , Jill, must have thought I was out of my mind and frankly she might be right. Not being able to get this necklace off was driving me nuts. I fished the key from my pocket and jammed it into the door, unlocking it. Wrenching it open and slamming it shut behind me I ran for the tool kit. I kinda hated the tool kit because all the tools were patronizingly pink. It had been a gift from my uncle when my father left us. At this moment I was very grateful for them. I opened it up and took out the needle nose pliers, he had also insisted that I learn wheat they were all called. I pulled up the chain and went to snip it. I had a surge of fear that something bad would come to the necklace. That was a silly thought, of course something bad is going to happen to it, I am going to hack it off me. I took a deep breath and pressed down firmly on the pliers. There was a loud metal grinding on metal sound. Nothing good could come from that sound. I tugged the necklace to remove it, only to realize it didn't cut. I looked at the pliers and there was a dent in them exactly the size of the chain.

The door slammed shut. I didn't even hear it open. Who could it be at this time I thought looking at the
window and realizing it was dark. I'm going to be in...

“Sarah! How many times do I have to tell you to lock the door? It is not safe out there and with you home alone. I have to know you are doing all you can to stay safe,” Mom lectured me from the kitchen where I could hear her banging around pots and pans to start dinner.

I felt disorientated, but knew I should probably at least yell back before she panicked. “Yes, mom,” I said loud enough, but with a hollow tone. Maybe it was just my ears.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midweek Check-in And My "Don't Mess With Me" Stare

My midweek check-in and things are not going as smoothly as last week.

Writing 500 words everyday – I have not met this goal, but it seems this one has been the hardest one. I thought it would be the easiest. Funny how things turn around on you. I was able to write four out of the last seven days so at least I got some writing in.

Posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Well I thought this would be the hardest and so I may have set myself up to miss some. I was not able to post last Friday.

Posting a flash fiction for Friday Flash – Which brings me to my last goal. I didn't get a story posted, not because I didn't have the story, but because I ran out of time during the day (and night). For the life of me I can't remember what I was doing, but I am sure it was important.

Model for "Don't Mess With Me" stare.
So what is my plan to help me reach my goals? I am implementing an hour of writing time and combining it with my “Don't Mess With Me” stare. After the kiddos are in bed and before I start to get ready for bed will be my writing window. This is my new plan anyway, but you know what they say “The best laid plans of Mice” and all that.

What plans do you have to help you reach your goals that you have been falling short on or have you been right on target?

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