Friday, December 21, 2012

Flash Me a Naughty Santa (Mature)

I was jarred by something. I heard a gasp and a thud followed by the sound of things scattering. I looked down to see a beautiful brunette at my feet completely bewildered. As our eyes met, hers deep green, I felt something other than just the embarrassment pass between us.

I reached out my hand and said, “Let me help you up.”

She became even more still than she was and I heard her inhale quickly. “Yes, thank you.”

She took my hand delicately and, with as much dignity as she could muster, let me help her from the floor. I retrieved her tablet and phone as she grabbed her purse. She smiled warmly and put her hand on my arm and said, “I am so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going.”

“Consider it my pleasure to be bumped.” I said with a laugh. It has been so long since I have flirted I am not really sure how anymore.

“Join me in a coffee to make it up,” she offered. She seemed to want to prolong our interaction just as I did.

“I was going to order milk and cookies,” I said.

“That's funny because you look so much like the way I always pictured Santa, tall with jolly features and beautiful blue eyes.” She broke eye contact and blushed.

Was it possible she wanted me as much as I wanted her? I haven't been with another woman in what 50 years. Yes, 50 years, but the Mrs. has cut me off and for the last time.

I smiled and laughed, “Ho, ho, ho.” and I watched her eyes fill with wonder.

“Milk and cookies then,” she said. She ordered every cookie they sold to go with our milks. We sat on the same side of the booth and talked for what seemed forever and no time at all.

Soon she had moved so close I could almost touch her and I wanted to so badly. What the heck, all she can do is say no. I put my arm around her shoulders in the most casual way I could. She giggled a little, but did not pull away. In fact she moved closer into my embrace.

Feeling cozy we didn't find much more to talk about, but mostly held each other. Soon the coffee shop owner came over and said “Alright folks, we are closing up. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.” He laughed at his own joke as he walked away.

We gathered our things and then she looked at me desperately. “Oh, it is late. I only live a few blocks away, but would you mind walking me home?”

Though it was late there still seemed to be a crowd on the sidewalk. I put my hand on the small of her back to lead her through the crowd while she led me to her house. I was very excited to be able to touch her and she responded like electricity was coursing through her where my hands fell.

When we reached her door she unlocked it then turned to look at me. “Wanna come in for a night cap before you head out?”

“I don't mind if I do,” I said so happy for any excuse to stay in her company.

She looked so lovely and I couldn't believe she was looking at me like that. I leaned in slowly and kissed her softly. She took half a step closer and deepened the kiss. I put one hand around her waist and the other on the back of her head as I pulled her closer still. Her lips were soft and delicious as they moved with mine. I slid from her lips to her jaw line and then to her neck. I kissed and nibbled. She sighed in my ear as some of her hair fell over her shoulder. I inhaled her and she smelled like strawberries.

I moved the hand that was behind her waist down her side and back up under her shirt. She shivered as my hand passed over her skin. I reached to the back to undo her bra and was foiled by the hook and eye. She giggled as she easily popped it off. I pulled off her shirt and stepped back slightly to take her in. She was even more amazing than I had realized. Her perky breasts called to me like sirens to a forbidden land.

Her lips gave a disappointed pout at the distance between us until she moved close again. Happy once more, she started to unbutton my shirt. With every button she brushed my body sending little electric shocks through every part of me. After my shirt fell to the floor she started to sway as she slowly unzipped her skirt. In a second it had joined our shirts and she stood there in her thong, knee high socks and black heels.
I kissed her again, more fiercely than before. She was feeling my body and I hers. I kissed my way down her neck again and this time didn't stop. My hands found her breasts and as I turned one nipple back and forth they both became hard. My mouth followed my hands and I licked, kissed and slightly grazed my teeth over every inch I passed.

As I kissed her all over she deftly removed my boxers and grabbed my erection. She made me feel passion I had not felt in so long I was throbbing and felt like a man again. She pulled back and took my hand to lead me to the bedroom as we entered I knew we were both now on the naughty list.

So not sure how long flash fiction is aloud to be, but this is piece is 922 words long. It was originally written for Sweet Banana Ink's Bad Santa Blog Hop, but I didn't read the rules well and it is way too long. You should go check them out because the ones I have read so far are awesome. I am still using this for my #FridayFlash

Santa photo credit: dollen via photopin cc

Woman photo credit: Pensiero via photopin cc


  1. Very sexy. I don't think it was too long.

  2. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  3. Oh la la! Putting the sexy into Christmas!:-) I think I will blush the next time I see a Santa...!

  4. hahaha jess, you, me both!!! at least I don't have kids to take and sit on Santa's knee!

  5. Ooh, bad Santa indeed. What the poor woman doesn't realize is that Mrs. Clause also makes a list and checks it twice.

  6. Thanks for the replies and I am glad you thought Santa was bad enough. Wonder what Mrs. Clause does to the people who score a spot on her list.