Friday, December 7, 2012

Flash Me A Letterboxing Quilt

"Hi honey, we're home," she called out as she opened the door holding it wide so a charging toddler could get by unscathed.

The burly man snatched up the giggling girl and crossed the small living room in 3 strides. He took his wife in his arms and they kissed as the little one tugged gently on his beard. His day had just become complete. "You have a package from Canada," he raised his eyebrow, "or Moon Flowers does."

Her eyes lit up and a squeal of joy that mirrored her daughters escaped her lips. "Yay, happy," she gloated as she released her husband and went to the waiting stack of mail. What greeted her eager eyes was a cheerful green envelope with adorable stamps on the outside. She knew what had to be inside, but couldn't remember any wonderful treasures being on the way. She carefully opened the packed little envelope and gasped with wonder. These had been given up for lost over a year ago.

"What is it that has made you so happy dear?" he asked.

"A beautiful quilt," she replied with her attention focused mostly on the contents of her package.

"A magical quilt that will fit in a tiny envelope or a tiny quilt for dolls?" he teased her.

"For dollies," the toddler gushed as she squirmed to get free of her fathers arms.

"No, Gwen it is not for your dollies. It is for mommies wall." she said as she began laying them out on the table in the dining room.

"Cards!" said Gwen. "Can I help, mommy?" 

"Of course you can baby," She said patiently.

Gwen's face wrinkled to a frown and she crossed her arms. "Not baby," she sulked.

Her mother looked up from her wondrous cards and said, "Only babies pout like that." 

Gwen hastily slapped on a smile and the pair began to admire the tiny pieces of art that looked like little quilt squares. Each square had a hand carved stamped image on it. They laid them out, rearranged them several times until they were just perfect and finally glued them to a framing mat. They found charming gilt frame in the craft closet and put it all together. As she admired their work she felt the gratification she had been missing since life had become too hectic to work with her art.

"Daddy look. All done!" Gwen said while looking expectantly at her father.

They held up the finished project. "What do you think Matt? Did we do a good job?"

"You certainly did," Matt replied. He smiled and kissed his family. Seeing his wife and daughter so happily absorbed in eachother's company made him feel like the luckiest man in the world. 

(This was triggered when I received a box of cards the prompt that I followed was to focus on dialog and stay under 500 words)

The finished quilt.

My Card
These cards are over sized Letterboxing Trading Cards. You can find out more about LTCs and Letterboxing at Atlas Quest.


  1. This is a sweet story. I'm glad you started doing Friday Flash. I've been doing it for a few months now, and it's been great! I also love the name of your blog!

  2. Thanks, I am glad to be a part of it.