Friday, November 30, 2012

I Have Decided To Become A Flasher

I have joined Friday Flash and will be posting an original piece of flash fiction on Fridays. This Friday is a supper short 250 words. Hope you like it.

The guards drug her in roughly. The hall was adorned with all the finery that was reserved for grandstanding to the populace. As they halted Dame Isobel was able to look into the face of her accusers. The Empress was hungry for blood, her consort wore a politely indifferent expression. Which was no consolation from one she once held dear.

She watched as Dame Jericho majestically rose to point a finger at her. She struggled, but was still restrained in a half bow. "None amongst the assembled nobility will up hold you. What defenses have you?" She waved her hands at the guards who released Isobel and allowed her to stand to her full height.

Dame Isobel narrowed her eyes and spoke directly to Jericho, defying the custom of speaking to the assemblage when pleading for clemency. "You, are a master debater! A most cunning linguist.Yet, you seem to be a parasite on this great empire. Much like the residue on the bottom of the mead barrel you must be cast off and disposed of. I will never rest until the empire is free of your reign."

The assemblage gasped at the audacity of not only the statement, but the murderous glare Isobel hurled at the Empress. An act of such impudence that, on it's own, could end your life. Instead of anger a greedy smile spread across Jericho's face. With a laugh and a small gesture of her hand, the conversation and thus the debate was now over as Isobel lay dying.


  1. Awe. good post I love a strong defiant character. I hope she comes back and haunts the Empress :)

  2. Interesting world!

    Welcome to Friday Flash! ^_^