Sunday, August 2, 2015

Success And A Group Happy Dance

Come dance with me!
I did it! For the first time since I started participating in NaNoWriMo events in 2011 I flopped across the finish line. The happy dance started at 4:16 on Thursday morning. Camp NaNo was a lot easier because I set my goal at 25,000 but I'm still happy and really excited. It was a lot of work and I was very frustrated several times, but in the end I am glad I worked on it and made my goal.

I had a homophone exchange very late Wednesday night and I was so delirious I laughed for like 10 minutes managing to wake up my husband and son. Then I had to write the following in my blog draft before I could move on:
I can't discuss this right now. I have to meat someone. Get out of my way!

Most hilarious error EVER! That's right I am just off to shank someone with a T-bone steak. Don't stand in my way or I'll get you first. This scene has taken a whole new twist. In the middle of my mad dash for the end I had to stop and write this down so I don't forget it, even though I am sure I never will.

What is the funniest writing error you can remember making? Come on share with us in the comments we all want to laugh together. Make sure you leave a comment to say hello. Don't forget to let me know where you are visiting from so I can follow you back and see what you're up to.

At the beginning of the round I made 2 sets of goals. July's Camp NaNo goals and a more relaxed strolling set for August and September. I took the rest of July (1 day) off completely because sleep is good and it keeps us from yelling at innocent bystanders.
ROW80 August & September Goals Rundown

1. Write 2 Poms every day.
I am still plugging away at The Most Magical Place, but not at a pace that is guided by word counts. I am sticking to my Poms and focusing on writing after the snoring sound is coming from my son's room. So many people say the write to music, but I prefer the melody of a running dishwasher and snoring kids.

2. Post for every ROW80 check-in.
I love participating in ROW80 because it gives me something to focus on when I'm not sure what to say. So far so good on getting posts out.

3. Spend 1 Pom per day visiting ROW80 friends.
I skipped Wednesday and Thursday, but hopped around Friday and Saturday.

4. Post to Twitter on ROW80 days.
I posted to Twitter several times as I got closer to the end of Camp NaNo and remembered to tweet when I posted on Wednesday. So I think this check-in's goals are all wins. Take a picture because this doesn't happen often.

Photos by Pixabay.


  1. "smiley face, smiley face, smiley face" So happy that you made it to the finish line! Yeah you!!!

    And by the way, I make a typo nearly half the time when I type my name - Chirs comes out much easier than Chris. Not so bad until you sound it out - yes, I am just a curse I guess.

    1. You are not a curse, but that is funny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it fun blog! Yay! It makes me happy to see that winner badge :) You're gonna kick it in Nov. :) I am forever writing meat instead of meet have no idea why LOL My latest Ben deloaved a train instead of derailing it :D I guess he was hungry again for some fresh bread LOLOL

  3. Congrats on finishing Camp NaNoWriMo!!! ~throws confetti~ The badge looks perfect! Betcha it feels good too!!

    Funniest typo I made, when I was in a tweet chat for #creaturechat I typed #creatureSHAT instead. Oops! :-)

    1. LMAO! Inconvenient timing, but I bet it made for a lively chat.

  4. The POM method sounds great. One of these days, I just may have to try it. Have a spectacular week!

    1. I think it has helped take the pressure off a bit and allowed me to concentrate on the story.