Sunday, August 9, 2015

100 Days To Nail A Habit

As part of next years homeschool journey I wanted my children to start a gratitude journal. Of course I will be joining them because I believe teaching by example is the best way to teach children. While looking up exactly what goes into a gratitude journal, especially for someone as young as 7. I stumbled across a 100 Day Habit Challenge and we all know how easily I am swayed into joining a challenge. This challenge reminded me a lot of ROW80 because you set your own goals. You pick 3 goals in different categories to focus on over the next 100 days and you replace old bad habits with newer and hopefully good and productive habits.

The categories are creativity habit, anything habit and health habit. For the creativity habit portion you choose a project that would make you ecstatic to complete in the 100 days. The anything habit can be, well anything, a new morning routine or catching up with a friend/family member everyday. The recommendation was whatever will make you happy, is good for you and does harm to none. Finally, the health habit can be any habit that will help you improve your health. There is even a nifty calendar you mark off every day as you work on your new habit for 20 minutes or more. The theory is the more you check off the less you want to skip it and risk breaking the streak.
My creativity habit is to write every day and finish the first draft of The Most Magical Place. My anything habit is to get up at the same time every day and stick to a morning routine. My health habit is to go to bed by 2am. We agreed to start tomorrow so that means I haven't messed up yet, right? 

I googled it and I think the idea or at least the printable calendar was formed on this site, but the idea of a 100 day challenge is not a new one. The first one I found didn't have her branding or the quotes on the printable.

Have you ever heard of or tried a gratitude journal? Was it helpful? Do you work all year to break old habits or is January the only month that sees good habit attempts? Make sure you leave a comment to say hello. Don't forget to let me know where you are visiting from so I can follow you back and see what you're up to.

ROW80 August & September Goals Rundown

1. Write 2 Poms every day.
I wrote Thursday, but not Friday or Saturday. I am behind on planing and gathering materials for our next homeschool year because I didn't do anything in June except Camp NaNo, eating and sleeping.

2. Post for every ROW80 check-in.
Still a win in this category.

3. Spend 1 Pom per day visiting ROW80 friends.
I did make it around to visiting my ROW80 friends as well as my IWSG friends. I love seeing what you guys are doing, it keeps me inspired to try harder.

4. Post to Twitter on ROW80 days.
More win! I even managed to post another day. When I stopped over to visit Kristen, one of our ROW80 friends, she gave me reasons NOT to facepunch a bear. I am not entirely sure I needed more reasons not to facepunch a bear, but there you go. The post made me laugh so hard I just had to retweet it. Go read it if you haven't already.

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  1. The habit challenge sounds really good! I have a gratitude practice as part of my daily journal writing. At the end of each day's writing, I list at least 10 things I'm grateful for. It's surprisingly easy to come up with 10 things every time!

    Have a productive week!

    1. I think we are going to write 3 things and draw a picture, but I will encourage the kids to do more if they feel like they can. Starting small and working up. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. That's a great challenge! I kept a kind of gratitude journal for a while. Every night I would write five things that I was grateful for or were positive things that happened. It was a great pick me up. I know it made me rethink that a day was bad or not a few times. I might have to take up this practice again! Great post lady!

    1. Yes, do it with us! We can keep each other on track. You already kick my butt back on track when I am slacking with writing.

  3. I love gratitude journals! I think having your kids start one is a brilliant idea. I got the idea from Danielle LaPorte to, not only, write what you're grateful for, but why--that's pretty cool.

    And the 100 day challenge is also awesome, good luck with that!

  4. I remind myself that everyday is a chance to start fresh, renew my conviction to my goals, and to write/edit/submit (etc.). As life gets in the way I keep this in mind as I make time to write, edit, submit, and this the goals become habit over time. Then its not a struggle anymore.

    I think a gratitude journal is a great idea and the 100 days challenge with your kids is also an excellent idea. Something to work with them on and improve your own habits!!

    You got this!! Have a stellar week!!!