Wednesday, July 15, 2015

100th Post Celebration

I can't believe this is my 100th post! I started this blog way back on Halloween of 2012. My first post read like I was all hopped up on candy, which I may very well have been, and overly excited. For anyone who is keeping score that is the day RIGHT before NaNoWriMo and I did participate that year. I lost a lot of steam in 2013 only posting 26 times even though I was participating in ROW80 and should have made like 90. Best, or rather worst to the point of being entertaining, post from that year. Then I fell off the face of the blogging world in 2014. Times were super hard and I completely stopped writing. However, in 2015 I found my way back to writing and ROW80 remembering what an amazing community of people hang out there. I wish I could run some awesome contest to celebrate, but I am truly strapped for cash to buy prizes and I didn't even realize it was coming up until a few days ago. So instead I will just say thank you very much for stopping by and reading. Enough about things a long time past, on to what's been going on the last few days.

I was calling a character by the wrong name. I did it 28 times. When I went to talk about the character who's name I had been using and I wrote "I'm sure you miss Evelyn very much," said Evelyn it hit me. Now the hero's mother is talking about her self in 3rd person. She's not Napoleon and I don't want her to have that big of an ego. I know you aren't supposed to edit until Camp NaNo is over, but this bugged me SO much I had to fix it. Of course with the find feature and control V it was done in no time, but REALLY.

Today's Mascot: Rampaging Dinosaur
A few people asked if I had any proof that I had to deal with a rampaging dinosaur. The truth is yes, yes I do! I edited the photo to remove the name of the school in an online photo editor, but the rest was done on NUKE 8 which is an awesome rendering program that is node based. Or at least that is what the instructor said several times. Who am I to argue or interpret? As for the odd expression on my face. She didn't tell us what the pictures we took on the green screen were for or that she was taking a second shot of me when everyone else just got one. This was the best one and that makes me sad. Also, apparently I just make faces all the time. Incidentally I was the only person who didn't look as much like they were in a line up and I made up a backstory. The rays of light around my head are divine powers (They are not a result of my failure to follow instructions and desire to push ALL the buttons.) that have been granted to me to help me defeat the rampaging dinosaur. The look is my and you think you're tough do you look. In the next frame I will shoot some sort of ray out of my palms to destroy it or at least give it an all mighty sun burn.

ROW80 July Goals Rundown

1. Write at least 800 words per day on my Camp NaNo novel The Most Magical Place.
I have hit this goal every day since last Saturday, but I am not sure if I will make it today. I wasn't able to focus on writing once the kids went to bed because I had to find some paperwork and for some reason I put on a book shelf instead of the dedicated file in the filing cabinet. Luckily I found it, but it took me about 5 hours. The moral of the story is always take the extra few minutes to put things back where they go. You will probably not remember to come back to them later and when you need them you won't be able to find them.

2. Post for every ROW80 check-in.
I'm here and so happy to share this 100th post with you all.

3. Spend 1 Pom per day visiting ROW80 friends.
I over did this a little, but you all had such interesting titles and I wanted to see what was gong on with you.

4. Post to Twitter every day.
Oh, darn. I was dong well at this, but just realized that I forgot to post Tuesday.

Photos by Pixabay.


  1. What is POM? I love your humour! I need to get off here and start writing but I'm enjoying everyone's posts too much.

    Congrats on post 100 :)

    1. Pom is a short name for The Pomodoro Technique. The basic premise is to set a timer and work for 25 minutes, called Pomodoros, then take a 5 minute break. After you run 4 consecutive "Poms" you take a 20-30 minute break. I don't use it exactly like that though. I can only seem to get 20 minutes in a row to get anything done before I am interrupted.

  2. Congrats on 100! I love the rampaging dino that is just awesome! Looking forward to many more awesome posts! I'm proud of you lady! #LakeWritersRock

    1. Thanks Elise and thanks for kicking my butt back in gear when I needed it. You are a great leader.

  3. Huzzah! Happy hundredth post!

  4. Happy 100!!! Welcome to the triple digits club!! feels good, don't it? :-) I'm approaching 400. Will probably do something awesome for the 500th post. Not really sure what though. I'm very proud of you!!

    1. Aww, thanks. I am sure you will think of something awesome. I can't wait to see it.