Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stuck At The Bottom Of A Martini

While people who are easy going and polite are a treasure to have in your company. They are boring to write about and I assume if they are boring me to write about they would be boring to read about. I mean stuff blew up and that was interesting and fun. The female main character was scared and angry yelling at the male main character while attempting to put as much distance between them as possible and that made for interesting writing, but I am in a lull between moving away from one event and moving to another. They are sitting awkwardly in a living room talking about the freaking weather. The weather?! I wanted him to say something quipy and slightly antagonistic to rial her back up, but I don't even know what about. I am stuck and she is all like, "My martini is gone and he has been looking down at his mostly empty glass for over 15 hours! Get a move on writer lady!" All that she says to me, but not what they should talk about or how to get to the next scene. I'm about to just stop trying to force this scene, leave a note and MOVE ON!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what do you do when you have a general idea of what kind of interaction you want to occur, but are lacking the specifics? Where do you turn for ideas? How do you feel about leaving a note and moving on? Make sure to let me know where you are visiting from so I can follow you back and see what you're up to.

So moving on...

Today's mascot is a typing duck!
ROW80 July Goals Rundown

1. Write at least 800 words per day on my Camp NaNo novel The Most Magical Place.
Was doing really well on this, but only wrote just over 200 so far today and I am not thinking I will make it because it is already after 9 and I am working on this.

2. Post for every ROW80 check-in.
Well, this is the first and I'm here. YAY!!! OK, so maybe it's not that exciting, but like I said I'm feeling bored and restless.

3. Spend 1 Pom per day visiting ROW80 friends.
I was able to do this and have visited lots of friends, but don't remember exactly how many. I also made sure to leave a comment.

4. Post to Twitter every day.
Yeah, I completely forgot to even post when I got my initial goals post out. So set an alarm on my phone to remind me. The worst part about posting on Twitter is I usually get stuck there for a while because there are so many good links to check out.

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  1. :) Great post. Sometimes those lulls happen and it makes me kind of nuts too. I want to shove them in a direction lol. If I really can't think of anything at the moment I'll leave a note and go back to it or I'll go back and see if there is something I can change that might make it flow into where I want it to go. If you want him to antagonize her maybe he could say something comparing her to a hurricane or bad storm in some way :)

    1. OH YES! You are brilliant. I am going to go antagonize her NOW!

  2. I was given the tip of putting a hashtag in your ms if there's a spot to come back to. Then, when you're done and ready to edit, you just search # and all of your trouble spots instantly come back to haunt you. ;) Best of luck with your goals this round!

  3. If not Twitter, then Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.... Am I right? The way I see it those 200 words didn't exist before, so you have made progress. And remember someday are going to be like that, tomorrow is a new day. :-)