Monday, August 12, 2013

Food For Thought

LakeWritersI joined a new blog hop because I love them. You get to meet new bloggers and sometimes you find someone that you really love that you would have otherwise missed. The new blog hop is called Monday Musings. A new prompt is put up every week and on Monday we all hop around to see what the topic inspired in the other participants. This week the topic was “Food for thought”. It inspired in me a really bad poem, but I put it out there in hopes that you will at least get a giggle.

There are many things
I want to write
Some about shining day
Some in blackest night

So many stories
Swimming in my head
Interesting and new
Like none I've ever read

Sometimes they won't come out
Neither here nor there
They need a gentle push
And I know just where

The best place to write
Is where they serve food
It makes the story talk
And puts me in the mood

If you are reading this you made it through and I am so grateful. Where do you find that you do your best writing?

photo credit: Incinerator via photopin cc


  1. I write mostly in my happy little corner but I do like to go on location sometimes :) I enjoy sitting in a museum looking at a painting or object that tells me a story. That gets my muse going and a breath of fresh air outside of my usual box :)

    1. Having a happy little corner sounds great. I will have to try the museum thing sometime.

  2. Love the poem. It is just like the pathetic muse I write some days.

    I do all my writing straight into my laptop and since the laptop has a bad battery I am stuck to a power cord, which means it is easier to just stay in my home office, which is a room filled with Snoopy and other Peanuts characters. Oh, and a friend of mine just told me she plans on writing her memoir longhand. All I can say to that is Yikes!

    1. Glad someone can appreciate my bad poetry. Hope you get a better battery soon so you can wander.

  3. I have some doozies too. Might have to dig them out in a future post. I like the feel of the poem. I reminds me of writing at my local coffeeshop. I think I wrote a few crappy poems there too, but also some good ones.

    This year my porch has become a haven for some really awesome writing.

    1. Coincidentally I was at my favorite coffee shop when I wrote this. Sadly it is about 200 miles away from where I live now. I always wanted a porch, preferably one that wraps at least half way around the house.