Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Midweek Check-in And All Doped Up

I haven't posed since last week because I had surgery. I was doped up for a few days then in pain for a few more, but now I think I am up to resuming my goals.

Posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Nada, nothing. I haven't been able to sit up much less post.

Posting a flash fiction for Friday Flash: We already covered that I wasn't able to post, but I was able to write a little on a new story.

Writing 500 words every day: This is the goal I made the most progress on. I was able to write on my main work in progress two days and like I said I was able to write on the flash fiction.

And how is my “Don't Mess With Me” Stare. Well, I haven't had a chance to use it much. Everyone has been trying to please me. This has been nice.

photo credit: Chantelle Joy via photopin cc
photo credit: Daveybot via photopin cc


  1. Don't push it! Any surgery requires a period of recovery. Just because you're spending more time being sedentary doesn't mean you have the energy to write.

    May you have a happy and healthy recovery!

  2. Yes, take it easy. And enjoy everyone being nice to you.