Friday, July 12, 2013

Flash Me A Field Trip

Friday Flash is when I take the opportunity to share some of my flash fiction with you guys. Please feel free to join us and flash your audience as well.

I feel like a freaking animal being hoarded Sarah thought as she moved in the middle of the pack of high school students getting off the bus in front of the history museum. I am not really into history, but the traveling Greek Gods exhibit was much better than spending the day in class. Most of the exhibits were not very interesting, but when I got up to the glass of Hera's case I felt my eyes widen in wonder. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A golden peacock decked out in colorful stones sitting on a thick golden necklace. The tour guide was saying something about it having been found in a collapsed temple to Hera and that the peacock was sacred to her. After that all I could hear was blah, blah, blah. I felt drawn to this beautiful bird. As I was staring at it the head moved and the tail feathers fluttered. I let out a squeak which drew the attention of most of the class.

Mrs. Nelson hurried over, “What's the matter child?” 

“Uh,” I thought telling the class that I had just seen this beautiful necklace move would probably be a bad idea. “I bumped my nose on the glass.”

She already thought I was a weirdo anyway so looked at me with disproving eyes and said, “Be more careful please.” She went to stand near the tour guide leaving me and the peacock in peace.

I looked back at the necklace and was terrified to see that it was gone. I hadn't moved my head more than a few inches from the glass. No one could have possibly gotten it out without me noticing even with being distracted by Mrs. Nelson. I looked around, no one else seemed to have noticed it was missing and no alarms were going off. Of course they would probably be silent now wouldn't they. I moved away looking around to see if anything else was out of place or anyone was acting odd. Just then I realized I was acting odd.

We went through the rest of the tour and I barely heard a thing just counting the minutes until someone questioned us about the missing artifact. There was nothing we loaded back on the bus and just like nothing had ever happened. Maybe I imagined it I thought with relief. I heaved a sigh of relief and put my hand to my chest, where it met something cold. I started frantically feeling my neck and found it was wearing a thin chain with a pendant. I pulled it out to examine the pendant. It was a tiny gold peacock on a gold chain. Not as spectacular, but somehow it made me feel just like the one in the museum. Full of wonder. After a moment I snapped to and reached back to undo the clasp, only to find there wasn't one. I jerked on the chain a few times frantic to get it off, but the delicate looking chain held fast. Just then I realized the girl across the isle was watching me and I stopped. I would cut it off with pliers when I got home.

photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

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