Friday, July 5, 2013

Flash Me A Chance

Friday Flash happens every Friday and the participants write a flash fiction story up to about 1000 words. My entry is very short this week only 200 words, but I am proud of them. 

They were sitting next to each other trying to decide where to go from here."If I don't do this I will regret it forever," she said as she slid off the bed and to her knees "Take a chance. Please."

"W-what w-would it ah-accomplish?" he asked stuttering with conflict in his eyes and leaning away from her.

"I want to know what you feel like."

"Th-that is a va-valid qu-query." he said not able to make eye contact. Then it seemed like something inside him snapped he had come to a decision. He jumped off the bed moved away from her quickly. Her heart began to sink until he closed and locked the door to the spare bedroom.

He took her hand and helped her off the floor. Taking her in his arms he kissed her, softly at first then his mouth became hungry and his tongue greedy. He felt her breasts as he continued kissing. He fumbled with her bra for a moment. Then her milky breasts plummeted from their wire cage. He took the nipples between his fingers and began to manipulate them.

She could not believe that he was finally touching her. This was her fantasy coming true before her eyes and in his hands.

photo credit: dhammza via photopin cc

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