Monday, June 22, 2015

Late and Short, but Terrific

OK so everyone knows Sunday was Father's Day, but it was also my 14th wedding anniversary. I was a little busy and completely forgot to post. I am getting so excited for Camp NaNo to start. I am aiming for 25,000 words. I don't have much to add besides the check-in so I'll just get to it.

ROW80 Rundown:

1. Spend 2 poms on plotting using Hiveword.
I was able to make time to work on plotting the story every day since Wednesday. I made a few breakthroughs with a scene I was having trouble with and identified a few magic things that need to be added. This is definitely a win.

2. Spend 2 poms on posts for this blog.
Spent a little time on this, but certainly not 2 poms worth. I am changing this goal for the next round for sure. Most nights there just isn't enough to do to need 2 poms. Though now that I think about it I need to decide on my goals for round 3.

3. Spend 1 pom on social media for blog posts.
I posted a few times, but not everyday. However, I am happy to have made progress.

4. Spend 1 pom on visiting other ROW80 bloggers.
I visited every day but Sunday. I was able to visit 10 people and left comments saying hello at most of them.


  1. I love the Renaissance theme of your wedding picture. It captures that magical "happily-ever-after, fairy-tale ending" that we all love to read in our heroic fantasy novels, where the gallant knight finally gets to embrace his beloved princess. Are those magical manna orbs floating around you? Or maybe sparkly pixie bubbles? And were they caused by his passionate kiss? =)

    1. Aww, when you say it that way it sounds so romantic. They are bubbles that popped in our faces and stung quite a bit. Of course if my friends hadn't been blowing them directly at our faces it might not have been so bad.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! And good luck on Camp NaNo. I thought about doing it, but after this month, I need a relative break.

  3. Happyest of Anniversary, Milady!!

    Started using something like the POM when I sit down to write. I do 30 minute writing blitzes (timed to a stop watch). Has produced more writing in the last week. Going to try and keep it up.

    Ready to sojourn into Round 3 and such?