Thursday, June 25, 2015

And That's A Wrap Plus Flashing

So this is the end of the 2nd ROW80 round for this year. I had a ton of trouble meeting my goals as the round started. I didn't get my crap together for the first 38 days because I have always loved snails and making slow progress. (Where is that sarcasm font people are always taking about?) However, I seem to be on track now. I am sad to see this round end. I don't get nearly as many visitors or have fresh posts when I hop around to say hello, but we will be starting up again on July 6th. Of course that is a Monday and we usually check in on Sunday and Wednesday so I am mildly confused, but that is what it says on the ROW80 site. I think this may have happened to me at the beginning of this round as well.

Still working out exactly what goals I will be pursuing for round 3. Like I mentioned on Sunday in July I am participating in Camp NaNo at 25,00 words. So that's 834 words a day. I will admit I am worried about finding the time to sit down, but that always seems to be my problem so I probably sound like a broken record. As it stands now I do a lot of my writing things late at night and that whole getting up in the morning thing is much harder when I have been up late.

A cool thing that was posted in one of the writing groups on The Facebook is that Saturday June 27th is National Flash Fiction Day! I am planning to flash that day and share the results. Anyone interested in joining me? I love flashing as a group. Yea, I meant that exactly the way it sounded.

ROW80 Rundown:

1. Spend 2 poms on plotting using Hiveword.
Sunday and Monday I spent at least 2 poms plotting. I wanted to look something up so I hopped over to TV Tropes and I got distracted and lost about 6 hours of my life. It was after 4:30 before I put the phone down and tried to sleep.

2. Spend 2 poms on posts for this blog.
I am honestly not sure. The post is going out late again and I can't remember working on these poms like I wanted to the past few days.

3. Spend 1 pom on social media for blog posts.
Mostly no, I want to get better at this and stop having to say that I didn't make it. I think I need to set an alarm on my phone reminding me to search Twitter and see what I can retweet when I don't have anything cool of my own to post.

4. Spend 1 pom on visiting other ROW80 bloggers.
I don't remember how many blogs I hopped to, but did visit every day and spent at least a poms worth. My ROW80 friends are really up to some interesting stuff.

Pics by Pixabay.


  1. So glad you've been able to get the train back on track. Mine is still raging out of control lol. My single goal for today is to get a damn blog post up. GP is feeling very sad and neglected lol. Can't wait to see your flash! Hopefully I can get mine finished and up for NFFD :)

    1. I hope you get your post out today and that you get your flash finished. I have a love/hate relationship with your flash pieces. I like them so much that I am disappointed when they end.

  2. Getting on track can be a challenge all by itself, especially after a weird start or a small personal disaster... Give yourself credit for getting there, Michele. And the... do it all again only better ;-)

    Flash Fictions Saturday.... hmmm, maaaybe. Depends on how much more I can catch up on with all the stuff I need to do before that.

  3. So many things and clearly not enough hours. Been there, done that. Don't feel too bad. I will say, (what you already said before) you know what needs work on, so find a different way to make it happen. You can do EEET!!! You still be a grand job over all.

    I will join you for flash fiction Friday! :-)