Monday, June 29, 2015

Failure To Flash

Not only did I not flash on Saturday, I didn't even post. The last few days have been a whirlwind of late nights and early mornings where it seems that nothing is getting done. I mean, I am getting things done, but not the things I wanted to do.

I mentioned before that I was reading Harry Potter to my 7 year old. We are near the middle of The Prisoner Of Azkaban and it is so much fun to re-experience the books with someone who doesn't know what's coming next. He's so mad right now at Sirius Black for betraying Harry's parents. Very entertaining.

I am now also reading to my 14 year old because she was jealous that I was spending time reading to her brother, but not to her anymore. She is perfectly capable of reading the book she has chosen, but it's about spending time together. Which has been nice.

I'm working on getting down exactly what my ROW80 goals will be, but I have cut a few things I was planning that I am now thinking will not get done and just cause stress. I know I will need to have July and  then the rest of the round goals. Have you decided on your goals for round 3 yet?

I have still made time every night to plot, often resulting in crawling into bed at 4am, and am weaving in the romance plotline. The romance is my favorite sub plot. I love this post about using the 12 stages of physical intimacy to build tension. My placement was feeling wrong. It was rushed then there was a big lull and then bam rushing again. So I went back and now it feels more spaced out and natural.

I am really excited about Camp NaNo and am feeling confident that I can meet my goal of 25,000 words. My plot still has bare spots, but last night I finished plotting the end. I have been very worried about the final confrontation, but am feeling more calm. What is your favorite sub plot to weave into your main plot?

Now I'm off to see what my ROW80 friends are up to.

Photos by Pixabay.

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