Sunday, May 24, 2015

Out Voted by Characters

I've been working to flesh out my outline. Last night I was so engrossed in what I was doing I lost an hour and a half. Either I was so distracted I didn't hear the alarm go off or, more likely, I forgot to start it. The kiddos asleep and hubby busy made the house so peaceful. I was working on a particularly difficult part for me... the middle. 

My mid-point, which is supposed to be context shifting, is so into the shifting thing that the setting just changed dramatically. The characters were standing outside an apartment arguing and they were attacked. Then in the middle of combat they were transported to the beach. The story just decided it needed to relocate and the characters agreed. I kinda feel out voted and like I am loosing control. Now I need to change around the scene before it and decide what the beach is like. Since there is very noticeable magic going on I would prefer if it was an unpopulated beach. Now I must do research. That means a beach trip for inspiration!

How do you do your research? Obviously if you are far away there isn't much choice for direct observation, but some times I get the itch to experience things first hand. Leave me a comment and don't forget to let me know where you came from so I can follow you back and see what you are up to.

ROW80 Rundown:

1. Spend 2 poms on plotting using Hiveword.
I didn't use Hiveword every day, but I did spend at least 2 poms every day on plotting. I am really pleased with my current progress.

2. Spend 2 poms on posts for this blog.
Yea, this hasn't happened since the last post. I'm not really sure what I should spend my poms doing when not actually constructing a post. Do you have any suggestions on activities that might help to make my posts easier when it comes to time to check-in?

3. Spend 1 pom on social media for blog posts.
Nothing Thursday or Friday, but I used Twitter on Saturday so that's something. It isn't like it's hard or extremely time consuming, but I just don't seem to remember. Maybe I should set an alarm to remind me. Of course that would make like 12 daily alarms to remind me of different things.

4. Spend 1 pom on visiting other ROW80 bloggers.
I did get a chance to hop away. I left comments on most of the blogs I visited and really enjoyed the posts. My ROW80 friends are very inspirational, even when you are facing roadblocks.

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  1. My characters have also been known to take over a scene and all I can do is keep typing. That's why I don't know how anyone can be a plotter. How does a writer know ahead of time that the story is really going to go in that direction?

    I agree too that the best way to do research for specific scenes is to go there. Besides the usual google everything, I've also found Google maps helpful as then I can actually go to a specific town via satellite and see that those streets really aren't tree-lined or that the gravestones in that cemetery run in the other direction or whatever problem I have run into.

    Have a good and productive week!

    1. I tried to pantst and it was even worse than this. Nothing made since and I had no idea what I was even aiming for. I like the idea of making bullet points of the scenes. It's like having a to do list or a map. You can always see what happens if the story seems to call for something else, but you have something to get back to if you get too lost.

  2. Oh yes! I have threatened to put characters on a leash. But then they would probably chew through it lol. I love going to a place for inspiration when it's available. It's such a great feeling to sit and write exactly where the action happens :)

    1. Oh my goodness. You just took it one step further. It didn't occur to me to WRITE at the beach. There are even benches at the one I was planning to visit.

  3. It depends on what I am writing. I usually default to walking in the woods for inspiration. But, maybe I need a beach scene. :-P

    1. Yes, we all need beach scenes. Walking in the woods sounds nice, too.