Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tricky Like Jareth

Today has been like the Labyrinth. Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems. I had so much planned for today and got a ton done, but not anything I planned.

How dare you sneak up on me Wednesday!

Today has been such a handful I am ready for a nap, luckily it's almost my bed time. I think I've got one  more pom in me before I head that way.

Is it stressful for you when things don't go as planned or do you just roll with it? I would love to be a go with the flow kinda gal, but I have always hated when my plan was totally disrupted. A slight change or modification I am fine with, but throwing it totally out the window makes me nervous and stressed. Leave me a comment and don't forget to let me know where you came from so I can follow you back.

ROW80 Rundown:

1. Spend 2 poms on plotting using Hiveword.
Monday: Plotting galore! I added 2 new characters to my Hiveword. They aren't completely fleshed out, but I am getting there.
Tuesday: I worked on items. What is a fantasy novel without magical items? I'm a little worried about the amount of items I have to keep track of. I am already to 11.
Wednesday: No work on The Most Magical Place today, but I have plans for tomorrow night that I am very excited about.

2. Spend 2 poms on posts for this blog.
Since I allotted time to working on posts everyday I put in the things that are regular parts of the post yesterday. As for today, like I said, nothing I had planned happened and here I am at 10 at night still trying to get this post out.

3. Spend 1 pom on social media for blog posts.
This is still hit or miss, but I have done better than last week. There are so many awesome authors posting cool stuff that pops up on my feed. I need to get back over there and learn something new.

4. Spend 1 pom on visiting other ROW80 bloggers.
I was able to visit Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Today isn't over so may make it today as well. Look out here I come.

Photos by Pixabay. (Can you believe they had that awesome labyrinth.)


  1. It's hard to keep up with social media, isn't it? So many wonderful voices out there, speaking in beautiful cacophony. Sounds like you're getting some leeway with your Poms. Don't get too frazzled... life does tend to take charge sometimes despite all our attempts to neatly sort and box it (and yeah, it does tend to stress me out more than I'd like too). Just keep moving along as best you can; you're making progress.

    1. What a wonderful description of social media. Thanks for stopping by and we can try not to get too frazzled together.

  2. Definitely sounds like the Pom Plan is working. good for you!!

    Yeah, try as I might, being a seat of my seat gal only works so well. I do like a good schedule or routine to keep me in line. Been better this week as I readjust to having only one show. still busy, but finding more time to work on stuff. Been a good week all around...

    Your picture reminds me that I need to get to my local Ren Faire this year. Maybe even get to really coplay as something mediaeval this year.

    1. I'm glad you are having time to at least breath with only one show. Make sure you share pics. I've never been to a faire out of state, but I hear the ones near you are grand affairs.

  3. Always remember, progress is progress. I've had days when life just fell on me, and nothing I had planned got accomplished (I've had SOO MANY days like that, actually!), and it does bother me. Try to forgive yourself for having fallen victim to life; it wasn't your fault you had to deal with things.

    I really enjoyed the video, by the way! I love Ren Fests! We have one about an hour from us here, and I really missed not being able to go this year. Ah, well. I have many good memories from years prior! :-)

    Congratulations on getting closer to your goals, and I wish you the very best for the rest of the Round. And afterwards, too, of course! :-D

    1. I have to keep reminding myself not to be angry with myself if I don't finish my poms because of things. I'm glad you enjoyed Celtic Mayhem. They're awesome.