Sunday, March 8, 2015

OK Universe, I Get It!

Complaining that small time sucks were making writing, and life in general, more difficult was probably a bad idea. Tempt the universe and it will show you how good you had it. On Wednesday my cousin had a massive heart attack and needed a triple bypass. The surgery had to be done as an open heart. We were in the waiting room for a very long time, like 7 hours. Most of us were not able to see him, but his wife and her parents were allowed. He made it through the surgery and is recovering sedated in the ICU. As a result I didn't get much done. I was back to the notebook, but what I did write is kind of useless.

ROW80 Rundown:

1. Write 500 words per day on any project.
Thursday: Didn't make it home until 3am so slept too late so and didn't do anything. I actually can't really remember what I did on Thursday.
Friday: 258 plotting
Saturday: More nothing, I spent the day with a friend I hadn't seen in over a month and we just gabbed for hours.
Sunday: 380 on this blog.

2. Blog at least every Wednesday and Sunday.
So far I am doing well on this as long as I get this done soon.

3. Check out at least 10 posts from each new ROW80 linky before the next one comes out.
I got to 10, but wasn't able to leave a comment on all of them.

4. Use Twitter at least once per day.
I missed Thursday on this, too.

5. Post on my author Facebook page at least 3 times per week.
It is so close to the end, but I haven't been able to make this and I just need to change this to 2 times per week. I am only posting the updates when I put out a new blog post.

6. Read 1 book per week.
Yea, I have long since given up on completing this, but keep trucking on with the list to help me read books I wouldn't usually discover. I read about a chapter a night and managed to hit myself in the head with my phone every night as I fell asleep reading.

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  1. HUGS! You've had a rough week! I'm totally with ya, the universe needs to clam up lol. Glad to hear your cousin is doing okay. This next week is going to be a better week for both of us! I bribed the Karma fairy to throw some good our way LOL

  2. Sometimes I think the Universe has a twisted sense of humor. I once proclaimed to the world that I wanted to get up early and go on walks every morning. The next day, my car broke down. Um, yeah…that’s not what I meant, Universe. Recently, I said that I needed to learn to be more patient. What did the Universe do? It sent wave-after-wave of annoying people my direction just to test my resolve (giggling and snickering under It’s breath, of course).

    1. Oh, never ever ask for patients. You will get put in the most precarious situations.

  3. Hi there!

    I just stopped by to check out your blog. I've signed up for yet another year of the A to Z Challenge and look forward to reading many, many posts next month...;~)

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin
    author of THE STORY CATCHER (Anaiah Press 2015)
    coauthor CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: ANGELS AMONG US (Simon & Schuster 2013)

    1. I tried A to Z on my crafting blog and failed spectacularly. I got to O is for Oh Crap it is May. I am a glutton for punishment so here I go again. This time though I am pre planning some of my posts. Can't wait to check everyone out as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Life does have a tendency to happen while you have other things planned, doesn't it? Here's hoping your cousin pulls through easily, with no complications!

    1. Well you know what they say about mice and plans. Thanks for the good wishes for Drew.

  5. I think you accomplished quite a bit for having such an important family emergency.

  6. well done on all achieved - your cousin's illness must have sucked most of your creativity - glad he's recovering - you take it easy and take care:)

  7. Hey Girl!! Hang in there. Good points, your cousin is doing better, your're still reading and writing, and you have an amazing network to cheer you on!! ~pulls out pom poms~ Hope your week gets better! Been busy with my show, so I understand the not having time or energy. Tomorrow is another day... :-)

    1. Yay amazing network! You guys really do make things better. Hope your show is amazing.