Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Post Vortex and a PSA

I went looking for information about body language. My plan was to add descriptions of actions to let readers know what my characters are thinking when they aren't the POV character. At first everything seemed to be going along fine, but then I must have gotten stuck in a post vortex. They just kept coming and I just kept reading them. The next thing I knew it was like 4 hours later and I had consumed a ton of information, but written no new words. It was late so off to bed with me, but I vowed to try again tomorrow.

Also, PSA there is a point at which your Chrome will start having trouble with how many tabs are open. I am sure every computer is different and I am by far no expert. However, I now know that at 75 tabs my Chrome stops responding and just cries. I was waiting for something to happen and did actually take the time to count all 75 tabs that were open. In case you were wondering it also causes the user to curse. So, be warned. If you want to know why that may be, Geek has an interesting read on it.

The next night I put the kids to bed and was all ready to write when my husband asked me if I had a chance to read, which actually means fix, his resume. My head fell down and DAMN was all I could think. I am not great at writing a resume. I am not even sure I have done it since high school and that has been a long while. I knew it would be time consuming, but the worst part of it was finding a free template that was actually FREE. I wanted to share Hloom with you in case you need to write a resume and need a little guidance like I did. They have 279 different templates, I know that's a lot, laid out in 8 categories. You do have to scroll down a while to get to them, but they are there. When you go to each resume it tells you what it is best suited for which helped me quite a bit. Save this link just in case. Save it even if you don't think you will need it, because someone will.

ROW80 Rundown:

1. Write 500 words per day on any project.
Monday: Info gathering vortex instead of writing.
Tuesday: 866 words, in bed on my phone. This is interesting because when I went back to look at it some of the words near the end didn't make since. I had to break out my phone and Swype the word that was there to see what other suggestions were so I could figure out what the heck I was talking about. That only happened twice, but still. PS: Evernote is awesome and syncs up to my on line account. I was amazed at how much I got done.
Wednesday: 705 on this post.

2. Blog at least every Wednesday and Sunday.
No new way to say it, but still getting this done. I really didn't feel like working on my blog today, but decided that I didn't want to give up the only goal I was doing so great on.

3. Check out at least 10 posts from each new ROW80 linky before the next one comes out.
I only made it to 5 this time around. I need to put more focus on this because I really enjoy reading what you all are up to and it helps me so much when you comment so I want to return that feeling to others.

4. Use Twitter at least once per day.
So far so good. I am retweeting mostly, but still doing it.

5. Post on my author Facebook page at least 2 times per week.
More yes! I like meeting goals.

6. Read 1 book per week.
I am really loving the book, but I feel like I also need to dedicate more time to this goal because I am so far behind that there is no way that I can possibly read 52 books in what is left of this year.

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  1. Wow, a book a week! Yeah that's a goal made to be broken hehe. What are you reading?

    1. I am currently reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I needed to read a book that was at least 100 years old to meet one of the requirements of the challenge.

  2. I love this update. I've never made it past 31 tabs or so, combined with 5 Scrivener novel files, a couple of dozen word processing files, and Cake Mania 3...

    I'm quite sure my laptop would cry well before 75 tabs!

    This was the most entertaining update post I've ever read, maybe partly because your life sounds so very much like mine (except that my homeschooled kids are about as likely to be up all night as I am, so there's always a random factor to whether that time after my Accomplice goes to bed is actually going to be focused writing time or not...

    I'm saving this post for the links. I do keep hearing about Evernote, and now that I have a smartishphone I'm learning to use, it could be very handy...

    May your streak of goodness go on, and may the resume prove fruitful! =)

    1. Blogger ate my reply, three times so far, I shall try again! I am so glad you liked my post. I love sharing useful links. It seems like a fair give and take. I take the time from you that you spend reading, but you get a shiny new web toy.

  3. Hi there!

    I'm stopping by as many blogs as I can while getting ready for the A to Z Challenge next month. Good luck with the challenge and if you get a chance, why not stop by my blog at I write children's books, middle grade and young adult...

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

  4. If you are looking for a good reference book on body language for writers, consider the The Writer’s A-Z of Body Language, by Tim Ellis. It reads like a dictionary. Just look up the emotion you are trying to convey and it gives you all the visual body-language clues that go along with that emotion. It’s really helped me in my writing.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out.