Thursday, March 24, 2016

Color Coded Prompts and A Contest

There was no ROW80 check-in this Wednesday because the round ended so I immediately didn’t post. I had an idea and had even finished most of the work, but I just didn’t get to it. I have been looking for cool story prompts because I am a master procrastinator. I have found quite a few, but then I was thinking I can do better than that. It could be ego or just a desire to try to make things, but I created a few writing prompts. Of course I ALWAYS over complicate things so there are categories and pictures to go with them. One day I will learn to...Oh look SHINY!

Prompt Type:

Situation Drop-in Prompt - Red
Still need a gimmick because my brain is tired - Orange
Write a Story About Idea Prompt - Yellow
Include These Things Challenge Prompt - Green
Dialogue Prompt - Blue
Place Prompt - Indigo
Character Prompt - Violet

Today I have 2 new prompts for you all and a contest. We’ll start with the contest. I need a hand coming up with some type of prompt to fill my orange spot because I can’t just leave it out. It needs to be something general enough that I have room to wiggle and play, but focused enough that they all seem connected. The winning suggestion will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.

How you enter:

Leave a suggestion on the orange type prompt contest Google form. 

Yes, you have to leave your email if you want to enter. How else will I contact you if you win? No, I am not keeping them after the contest and you are NOT signing up for any sort of continuous emails. I can not be held responsible for email addresses entered incorrectly. Email addresses entered incorrectly will disqualify the entrant's suggestion from the prize. There are also a few restrictions on your suggestions. No profanity, sexuality, religion or politics in the type suggestions. If they are deemed to be outside of these restrictions your suggestion will be disqualified. I will stop collecting suggestions at 11:45pm on March 31st.

How you WIN:

On Friday April 1st, when the April Madness starts, I will post a list of the suggestions on my blog. Everyone has a vote even if you didn’t enter. The orange prompt type with the most votes by 11:45pm April 4th will be our winner and the person who suggested it will receive the $20 Amazon gift card by email. I will announce the winner on April the 5th. Good luck and thanks for joining in to help me complete my colorful set. Roy G. Biv also sends his gratitude.

Now on to the shiny new toys. I am a little obsessed with prompts at the moment. Probably because I am having trouble coming up with story ideas. Of course I did just come up with these so it seems counter intuitive, but I am convinced it is a different part of my brain or something.

As you can see with the red prompts you will be dropped into a situation. I chose red for this type because I always feel like these are meant to be emergencies that your character has to deal with. So CODE RED it is. The plan is to reuse the same artwork that I found on Pixabay and adapted by adding a color overlay on Picmonkey. If you have never played with Picmonkey you should definitely give it a look. It's a great free web based photo editor.

The blue dialogue prompt isn't something I came up with all on my own. I was in the grocery store and a woman said the first line and the second part was my first thought. I am not sure the woman was interested in some sort of revolution, but that is the kind of scene that flashed in my mind. It was fun to make these and I hope they spark some interesting stories one day. I have a few more and am planning to make even more. I am excited to share them.

What do you think of my prompts?  Let me know in the comments.

Photos by Pixabay.


  1. Very cool prompts! I love the idea of categorizing them by color, too.

    1. Thanks, we were learning about rainbows, prisms and light so it was on my mind.

  2. Check this author out for shiney new toys Bryan Cohen Writing Prompts

    I love this author for his Sell More Books, Writing Book Descriptions and FB Ads author copywriting. But some of his original stuff is all about writing prompts. He has several book dedicated to that so it was a shiney new toy to him too.

    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit