Monday, February 22, 2016

Prompt Glut and Still Slacking

I was looking for a writing prompt for a flash fiction the other day and I spent like 2 (OK, maybe it was more like 5) hours on Pinterest reading and pinning the awesome ideas that abound. It was a secret board, but I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you all. Maybe you can find some inspiration there like I have.

I'm still working on flash fiction exclusively because there is less commitment and it makes me feel like I can pick it up when I have time. I have also found that for the most part I'm not spending so many distracted moments thinking about a story. I guess that's both good and bad. That isn't to say the orphan characters aren't still lurking about, but it is not as distracting.

ROW80 Rundown

Make the check-ins on Sundays and Wednesdays - Doing good or at least I will be when done here and hit the publish button. 
**EDIT** I couldn't get it done before the stroke of midnight. Sadly, I have turned into a pumpkin.
Visit 5 fellow ROW80 bloggers each check-in - I visited 5 ROW80 friends posts, but couldn't get my phone to cooperate well enough to comment on any. It made me very sad because the best part is getting comments and I love leaving them. I have to figure out what is going on with my phone because I don't have a laptop at the moment so it is my computer.
Write 500 words every day -
Thursday - Working on another flash, but this time I want to share it here 562 words, but I didn't like the ending. It felt too abrupt even for flash fiction.
Friday - Only a little over 200, but not exactly sure how many because the backspace and I went on several killing sprees.
Saturday - The word of the day is slacker. Actually I didn't rest at all, but I also did no writing or editing.
Sunday - I didn't get anything more than this post done today. I had the opportunity to spend time with one of my best friends from middle/high school and her son. It was a good time talking and hanging out while the kids played at the park.

Where do you like to look for prompts when you need them? Can you recommend a good story idea generator? Please leave me a comment to say hello. Don't forget to let me know where you are visiting from so I can follow you back and see what you're up to.

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  1. I'm glad that you got to spend a day with a friend from school - those are the kinds of days that don't get a re-do. I also don't think you turned into a pumpkin! I think that part of the "writing challenge that knows you have a life" is that you can miss deadlines.

    Have a great upcoming week.

    Oh, and I don't have any tried and true method for coming up with story ideas. They seem to just find me at random times, especially when I'm trying to sleep at night!

    1. The best ideas are definitely the ones that stalk you. Thanks for reminding me to be nice to myself.