Monday, February 4, 2013

Easing Back In With One Word

So I was in the hospital and not able to post for a while. I am feeling better and am once again able to post. As the title indicates I am easing back into blogging with a one word.

The word is: Wall.

Oh my god what will I do? The walls seem to be closing in on me, but I know it is just in my mind. The longer I sit in this closet the crazier I feel. Trapped like a rat, waiting for a lab worker to come and get me. There was a noise like a freight train and a sucking sound. Things were breaking and crashing all around. When all was quiet I finally peaked out from my mattress to see that my closet was still standing. When I opened the door I saw that not much else was.

photo credit: State Farm via photopin cc


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Sometimes the walls close in on us, and the picture...they fall down around us. Either way, we pick up the pieces and carry on.

  2. Welcome back and nice to meet you ...

    Powerful image and writing. Well done.