Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Games, Nostalgia and Goals

What's Been Going On:
The Royal Game of Goose

The theme for the last few days has been board games. We, and by we I mean my husband mostly, are working on making period (1066-1603) game boards for an upcoming Renaissance Faire. He made 9 Men's Morris, Fox and Geese and The Royal Game of Goose. They are interesting to me and mostly easy to learn to play, but the research and creation of these games has taken over. Then yesterday I was reading The Bloggess, because who doesn't (If you don't you should because she is beyond hilarious) and she was talking about a game her family developed or at least improved. It is called CrapScrabble and I just had to play it. Go read the rules, I'll wait right here till you get back. Ok glad you came back, because that other guy said he would and left me sitting here. My daughter and I wanted to play, but we don't have a cat, ferret or an angry bird (I told you to go read the rules.) so I Tweeted to The Bloggess to see if using a calm chicken every 15 minutes as a substitute would be acceptable and I was so excited to see that she responded.

Of course my phone didn't go off so I missed the opportunity to have a conversation with her, but it was still pretty awesome.

Another exciting thing that has been going on for the last few days is that I have been getting to bed at a reasonable time and consequently getting up at a decent time for me. Ok, most people may not think that 9:30 is a decent time to get up on a week day, but since we homeschool we don't have the same pressures that force us to get up at the crack of dawn. Consequently, I have molded and sculpted my children into late sleepers.

I also discovered that making coleslaw makes me miss my mommy and I'm not afraid to admit it. So I called her and my phone refused to cooperate. I am pretty sure it is possessed. Well, that or you shouldn't drop a tiny computer pretending to be a phone repeatedly. Though I am putting my money on the former.

ROW80 Goals:

1. Write 500 words per day on any project. - By any project  of course I meant specific things...
Sun - Last blog post - 743 words
Mon - Yea, no
Tues - Lotsa more no
Wed - This post - 917 words

2. Blog at least every Wednesday and Sunday. - Getting this one out makes for a check. Yay!

3. Check out at least 20 posts from each new ROW80 linky before the next one comes out. - Another yes! I didn't put that I would leave a comment in the goal, but I felt compelled to in most cases because I know how much comments mean to the authors. Most of the posts were so engaging that I wanted to put in my two cents or ask a question and am hoping to hear back from some people. I forgot what a pleasure it is to interact with my fellow ROW80 participants. I can't call them ROWers because in my world that just means something else.

4. Use Twitter at least once per day. - This is a big yes. I have actually spent a lot of time, maybe too much, on Twitter and researching it. Things that happened or I learned - First, don't say thank you on Twitter a lot, instead add to the conversation. There were a lot of posts about this, but I think this one was the best. Second, I found this list funny enough to share on Twitter and here again. Lastly, oh my gosh, did I mention that The Bloggess responded to me? I did, well I am just so freaking excited! Have you ever had a response from a public figure that made you really excited?

5. Post on my author Facebook page at least 3 times per week. - Um, I posted on Sunday and I will be cross posting this today so to stay on target I should probably post something else on my page in the next few days. I would like to find something helpful to post. I must look into this. Do you guys have any ideas?

6. Read 1 book per week. - More yes! I have completed 4 books and we are just now ending week 3. Being ahead of the game is nice for a change because I always seem to be playing catch up. I just finished A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I was surprised how close The Muppets version, which is my favorite, was to the book. I really enjoyed it, but my kids found out I was consuming something Christmas related not during specified times and they were a little upset. In our house we save all Christmas songs, movies and stuff for the time from the end of Thanksgiving till January first. The only exception is a two week stent in July, thanks to Crazy Eddie and my husband's faulty childhood memory. Mostly, it keeps the kids from playing the Christmas music constantly throughout the year.

What are your tips to reaching your word count goals?

Check out other ROW80 participants below.

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  1. The Muppets do a pretty bang-up job with their interpretations!
    Sounds like a good week.

    1. It definitely was. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the games! I haven't played Fox and Geese in ages and ages. You're on track with goals just keep plugging! I'm getting my fanny back on the wagon LOL. :)

    1. Glad to see you back on the ROW80 train.

  3. Sounds like you're doing just fine with your goals. Life (and games) happen.

    I'm with you on the sleep front- I work from home so if I'm up by 10am I call it a good day.

    1. LOL! Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with early mornings. It's nice not to be judged.

  4. Okay, so I'm not the only one who works from home and sleeps in late. My hubby always wakes up in the early hours--think 5 a.m. or earlier--so he makes me feel lazy when I sleep until 10. Glad to know I'm not alone. :)

    I love the Muppets' version of the Christmas Carol. One of my favorite holiday movies. I read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it as much as the movies.

    The best tip I can think of to reach writing goals is to establish a daily routine. I always write around the same time every day, so when that time is coming up my brain automatically shifts into writing mode. It can take a while to establish that kind of routine, but it definitely helps.

    1. Establishing a routine is a good idea. Now I just have to decide when would be the best time of day. Definitely after the kids go to bed.

  5. I have not read A Christmas Carol yet, probably should add that to my list. I have a HUGE list, which includes a lot of classics that I missed the first time around.

    So now I have so new games investigate. Yay!!!

    I have heard of the Blogess, not read much of her stuff. It's also on the to do list. I can understand the excitement when you get a twitter re-tweet or response. I was super silly happy when Amanda Palmer re-tweeted a picture of her and Neil that I took and then appeared on her blog WITH CREDIT! Yeah, I did a happy dance on that one. :-)

    Hope you have great weekend and a stellar next week!!

    1. I can understand the HUGE reading list. Mine is out of control, but the 2015 Reading Challenge is all that is keeping me on track and helping me narrow it down a little. You should definitely read The Blogess. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but just in case start with this post. TRUST ME!